RoomScan LiDAR

Lidar technology

LiDAR is used to determine distance by measuring how long it takes light to reach an object and reflect back. It’s so advanced, it’s being used by NASA for the next Mars landing mission, and it’s now been engineered into the new iPad Pro and the RoomScan LiDAR app for accurate laser measurements.

easy to use

The RoomScan LiDAR interface is as easy to use as tapping each wall, and swiping for doors and openings. LiDAR does the rest, enabling you to create an accurate floor plan in seconds. Don't believe us? The demonstration video above shows just how quick and efficient RoomScan LiDAR is.

create floor plans in seconds

Once you've scanned a room you can add it to a whole plan of a property.  RoomScan is built with estate agents in mind. The app supports exporting plans in PDF, DXF, FLYPLAN® and 3D models.

quick customer support

Any questions about the app or problems while using? The Locometric team are happy to help, and can be contacted any time via the website, email or help features in the app.

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