Frequently asked questions (RoomScan Pro)

How do I transfer work between iPhone and iPad?

Use Dropbox to Work with Multiple Devices RoomScan supports sending and sharing your RoomScan files through Dropbox. This makes it easy to send scans back to the office, or just transfer to your iPad for further editing. To use this feature, you'll need to install Dropbox from the App Store and set it up. If you have access to iCloud Drive on all the devices you use, you can of course use that instead. Start by selecting a property (tap its address) and then tap 'Details'. At the bottom of the screen, tap the 'Transfer File' button and choose 'Open in Dropbox'. The '.loco' file will now be sent to Dropbox and can be accessed from your other devices with Dropbox. If you've saved it to a shared Dropbox folder, colleagues with access can open it too. To open the '.loco' file on the destination device (iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad), open Dropbox and select the file. Dropbox will report that it couldn't load the file type, but you'll see an action icon (a square with an arrow pointing out). Tap this, select 'Open In...', select RoomScan, and you're all set!

Which laser measures work with RoomScan Pro?

RoomScan Pro works with any Leica DISTO that has Bluetooth SMART (the few models with the older Bluetooth are not compatible). These are the cheapest compatible Leica DISTO measures in the US and UK respectively, and we highly recommend these particular models: Amazon US: Leica DISTO E7100i 200ft Range Laser Distance Measure with Bluetooth Amazon UK: Leica Geosystems D110 60 m Laser Distance Measure The Bosch PLR/GLM 30/50 C are also compatible if they have Bluetooth. Please check the model you're looking at has a visible Bluetooth button. Various similar devices from other manufacturers also work. Due to minor usability problems, we recommend using the Leica DISTO range instead.

How do I delete a room?

To delete a room, simply swipe its name to the left in the list of room names. This will reveal a red delete button (you can use the same trick in other apps, too).

How do I add a new floor?

To add a new floor, tap "New Room" above the list of rooms and enter a new floor name. The new room will appear on a new floor, separate from any existing rooms.

How do I add stairs?

There are two ways to add stairs. After you've scanned a room, you can add stairs by tapping the point in the room where the steps start and choosing "add symbol" from the circular menu. Once the stairs appear, you can rotate them by twisting with two fingers. If you don't see stairs on the list of symbols to add, please zoom in a bit and ensure you tap a location that's not on a wall. You might also like to try adding stairs during a scan (touching walls mode). To do this, just place the phone down flat on the first step at any time during the scan, and then carry on the scan as usual.

How do I rotate stairs and other symbols?

You can rotate stairs and other symbols by literally turning them using two fingers in a twisting movement. Select the symbol first by tapping it, so that the circular menu appears.

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