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Getting started: scanning your first room

Select a HomeKit room name from the choices shown, or enter one manually.

You can add HomeKit accessories during the scan either way, but it's quicker if Cabin® already knows which HomeKit room it is.

Make sure to complete the Tutorial.

When you start your scan, you'll see green markers and white markers as shown here.

If the AR walls get out of sync with the real walls, return to a green marker to re-sync. These are locations Cabin® will recognise more easily.

Place two or more markers on longer walls.

This makes the AR walls sync with the real walls much more accurately.

When all the walls are marked, the Finish Flag will appear.

Don't press it yet. First, it's time to do some 3D scanning and add HomeKit.

Cabin® images floors & furniture in two different ways.


If you have floors with lots of visible detail, it will pick up the floor images just as the floor comes into view. This is also how walls are captured.

For all furniture, and w
hen the floor has no visible detail, scanning works differently.

Point your device straight down and you should see a circle directly under the phone. 

It’s the green circle in this screenshot.

Anything in this circle will be captured as an image, even if it has no visible detail or isn’t on the floor. You’ll see the circle shrink when holding the phone over furniture, as it contracts to capture things that are closer to the camera.

You can also add HomeKit accessories during scanning.

(Scans can be resumed later, so you don't have to capture everything in one go.)

Select the HOMEKIT mode above the white circle button and place the HomeKit marker in the location and orientation of the accessory.

Select ACCESSORY PHOTO to snap photos of your HomeKit accessories. The photo will appear in the correct place in the 3D model.

Cabin® knows whether the accessory is switched on or off when you take the photo.

If you get a photo of the accessory in both states, the correct photo will magically appear in the 3D model. It will change automatically even if it's switched on and off outside of Cabin®.

Now tap the Finish Flag and see how your room looks in 3D!

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